44 + Years of Experience!

Established in 1980 by our founder Hani Houri in Lebanon, we were one of the first hearing centers in the entire MENA region. We established quality hearing care in the region where audiological practices were scarce. For the last 44+ years, we have truly witnessed the evolution of the hearing industry and developed the highest standards of hearing care. We have catered to the hearing needs of tens of thousands from across the region and quickly became a hub for hearing for the region. Across our years, we have represented most of the leading hearing aid manufacturers and suppliers in the world. We have worked in Implants, medical equipment from testing and diagnostic to lab and sound isolating that has deepened our understanding of hearing from top down.

Revolutionary Technology

Technology has always been at the backbone of our industry and we have always prioritized being at the forefront. All our equipment and technologies used are the gold standard in the industry! From our testing equipment, fitting standards using Real Ear Measurement (machine programming ensuring targets are matched), to FIRST IN THE REGION to employ 3D ear scanners (say goodbye to painful ear impressions) and 3D printers for mold and shell manufacturing, our setup is second to none!

Highly Trained Professionals

Our team has been carefully selected and trained with the highest of standards to cater to your needs. Our highly trained audiologists have diverse hearing care skill sets that few provide. Everyone in our staff from back to front end fits with our core vision and ethos: Provide the best possible hearing care to everyone! Hence our motto: Together on your hearing journey! Meet our team

Leading Hearing Partners

The brands we represent are always leading brands in the industry that strive for excellence. From GN Resound to others, our portfolio of solutions is top tier and made up of hearing innovators.