Your Hearing Is

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A Journey

Your path to regaining your hearing and reconnecting to those around you is a journey, and we are by your side to accompany you every step of the way. Reaching your goals, be it professionally, socially or academically, we shoulder the responsibility of getting you there. Hearing is an experience that should be an enjoyable one. Hence our core mission is: Together on your hearing journey!

Expert Consultation

Which includes comprehensive hearing assessment, ear examination, lifestyle assessment and advice on an appropriate solution to meet your current and future needs


Following the evaluation, a detailed diagnosis of your case will be given, in addition to information on expected outcomes, limitations and lifestyle improvements

Solution Implementation

Initial fitting and programming of the hearing aid using real ear measurements (REMs) which is gold-standard procedure for hearing aid fitting. Hearing aid is set to accommodate your individual needs and full instruction on use and maintenance is given.

Continued Care

We offer in-office or online after care options where any further adjustments to the hearing instruments or advice about their use is free of charge with an unlimited number of appointments.

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