What’s New?

  • Now our most advanced hearing aid comes hidden in a rechargeable earbud design – custom made with your audiological expertise and our optimized crafting process.

  • Think of everything you want in a hearing aid combined with all you love about earbuds. It’s here.

  • We bring you our advanced hearing technology hidden in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made for you. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • All-day comfort.

  • The custom hearing aids look good and feel great. With an expert fit and superb sound tuned to your needs, you won’t want to take them off. Also, they won’t interfere with glasses or face masks.

Houri Hearing Dubai Abu Dhabi Center

Widening our sound environment mapping

Houri Hearing Dubai Abu Dhabi Center

Increasing the precision of our beamforming for our best speech clarity in any environment

Houri Hearing Dubai Abu Dhabi Center

Speeding up our processing and steering for faster mode detection and selection


The portable custom charger has specially created inserts that match your custom hearing aids to ensure intuitive and efficient inductive charging. They will have all the power they need – up to 24 hours on one charge. 


Simply place your hearing aids in the custom charger to recharge while they sleep or rest. Along with the convenient position of the charging inserts, the simplicity of the custom style makes it twice as fast to take the hearing aids out of the charger and put them correctly in the ear compared to a rechargeable RIE style