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How Common Is Hearing Loss?

Childhood hearing loss has increased in the last 10 years and remains to be an overlooked issue with children’s healthcare. Out of every birth, one in 2000 will have a permanent hearing loss, and this number increases as children go through adolescence. Therefore, it is important that all children are screened for hearing loss at birth and followed up with during childhood.

Children may have a permanent hearing loss also referred to as sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) or a conductive hearing loss (CHL) which is mostly temporary, or a mixture of both types of loss referred to as a mixed hearing loss (MHL). The degree of hearing loss may vary throughout childhood. It is imperative that children are tested regularly to monitor their hearing, especially if there are any risk factors or if the child is not following expected hearing, social, speech and language milestones.

If you have a baby with a diagnosis of hearing loss or a suspicion of one, this may be a stressful period for you. It is our responsibility as audiologists to demystify your child’s diagnosis and set them on the best possible treatment plan so your child will have optimum outcomes. This includes expert diagnosis, treatment plan and involving other healthcare individuals who may be critical to your child’s overall wellbeing such as an ear, nose and throat doctor, speech therapist, behavioral therapist, psychologist, etc.

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